Door Pinch Guard

✅ SOFT AND HIGHLY ELASTIC - Most of the finger pinch guard on the market are easily deformed and damaged over time, CalMyotis door stopper is made of environmentally friendly TPR material, soft and highly elastic, it will not cause creases and deformation during normal use.

✅ SMALL SIZE BUT SUFFICIENT SAFETY - Is the stopper too big and will cause the child's attention? There are only 1/4 of the others, designed to protect children's fingers. Our door clip suitable for thickness 25mm-44mm, keep your child safe while not causing 'boom!' due to door rapid closing.

✅ ONE SECOND INSTALLATION - Place it around the outer edge of the door to a height that is not accessible to children, or place it on the top of the door, at least six (6) inches from the outer edge. When not in use, Clamping it behind the door handle and reduce the attention of children.

✅ PROVIDE CUSHION AND PROTECTION - Worried that the children's finger is pinched by the door, and the door is easily blown or locked by the wind. Using our door slam stopper to provide a cushion between the door and the door frame, can prevent the finger injuries from being pinched.

✅ DEVOTED CUSTOMER SERVICE - This product comes with a 1-MONTH full refund trial period. If you receive a defective door stopper within 30 days, you can send it back without conditions and get a replacement for free.