Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Can they be removed without damaging or marking my table

Answer: The glue won't remain on the surface. They peel right off, no problems, These are great.

Question: I accidentally threw out the instructions before installing them. Which side of the adhesive is for the table and which is for the corner?

Answer: The clear sheet side of the adhesive is for the table. When you put the counter side on the counter, Rub the still covered white side to help seal it and then wait maybe 15 minutes to allow the adhesive to seal to the table. Then peel off white cover and attach clear guard tho the adhesive on the top of the table.

Question: What are the dimensions? Are these choking hazards?

Answer: Comparing to coin size the largest side (where the adhesive goes) is the size of a 50 cent piece or close to 1 1/4 inch at its widest point the other two sides are the size of a quarter or appx 1 inch.

Question: I'm looking for glass removable corner table protectors that I can use only when kids are over

Answer: This corner protectors can be removed and attached easily without damaging your furniture. I've used this on our glass table with sharp corners.

Question: Are children really unable to remove them?

Answer: My 1-year-old daughter tried, and she failed. These adhesives are very sticky. Unless you have removed one of the adhesives, it is difficult to remove them directly. So I rest assured that they are installed in the furniture.

Question: How many years old is it suitable for?

Answer: Before the age of one. My baby is 8 months old and is very suitable for her.

Question: Are the socks soft?

Answer: These socks are very comfortable cotton that feel very good and soft.

Question: Is the word at the bottom non-slip? And will the word easy to fall?

Answer: Definitely feels grippy for non-slip purposes.

Question: How long are the socks?

Answer: Approximately 3.9 inches. My baby is now 7 months old and fits properly.

Are the socks easy to slip after putting on?

Answer: They are full of elasticity, do not slip, and have even been washed several times, still applicable.

Question: Can I use the washing machine to wash the kneeler?

Answer: Yes, the bath kneeling pad and elbow pad are detachable. It is machine washable and Hand wash, and it can also be sun-dried.

Question: Will the bathtub kneeling slip? Is the suction cup useful?

Answer: The suction cup effectively sucks the ground, and even if there is water sliding, the bathtub kneeling will not slide.

Question: Can it be used as a shower gift?

Answer: Yes, I use it for bathing my baby in the tub so it would be applicable for a shower gift. It comes in a nice see-through zipper bag and is packaged well so it can be wrapped.

Question: Is the suction cups of the bath kneeler pads durable?

Answer: I had not had any problem with the suction cups on the elbow pads. It has six suction cups and the pads are soft.

Question: How many suction cups are there on the mattress?

Answer: 6 suction cups, which can fix the mattress well and do not move.

Question: Can it stay close to the door?

Answer: Of course. It clings to the door and does not fall.

Question: It will be destroyed by a 3-year-old child?

Answer: No, this is what distinguishes it from other products. I put it on the door, I have experienced many collisions and still have not been destroyed.

Question: My child likes the trick, can it stay on the door?

Answer: Yes, my child has the same problem. After closing and opening the door several times, it remains in the same position, preventing the door from closing and not deforming.

Question: Can it be used on the glass balcony door? my baby likes to play at the balcony door.

Answer: Yes. As long as it fits on the door.

Question: Would these work on sliding doors?

Answer: Yes, you can use them on sliding doors as well. As long as your door is more than 0.8 inches thick.

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