June 2nd, 2020

Tips on how to use a corner protector

CalMyotis Tips on how to use a corner protector

How do you babyproof your house?

Corner protectors are an absolute must-buy if you have young kids, a baby, or a toddler at home. Its value cannot be overstated especially if you want to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries.

It's a cheap and effective way to baby-proof your home. You can do a quick inventory of your house and inspect where there are sharp edges in rooms and furniture. Then, buy a corner guard for each one of them and you'll have made your home a safer place.

Corner protectors are a form of a passive shield. You may not think to get them now, but it makes total sense especially when you see your kids running around with no apparent regard for their safety. As a responsible parent, you'll want to eliminate risks and promote a safer environment. Moreover, you'll want peace of mind knowing that you can take your eyes off your baby to do other important things.

Most corner protectors are transparent, and they don't affect the look of your furniture. They are easy to install and stay in place with little to no maintenance required. You won't need to call in a professional or have hardware skills to install them- simply apply the adhesive, pop them on and leave them there!

How do you install corner guards?

How do you maximize the use of CalMyotis' corner protectors? Follow these 8 help steps on How to use a Corner Protector tips so you can get the most of yourinvestment.

Step #1. Clean the Furniture's Surface First

CalMyotis' adhesive is great on its own, but a dusty or particle-filled surface can lessen its effectiveness. For the best results, you should clean the surface of the furniture with a damp microfiber cloth and allowing it to dry for a minute or two.

Step #2. Secure the Corner Protector

Remove the adhesive strip on the guard, then quickly attach it to the furniture's edge. It's recommended that you only remove the strip when you're ready to install it so the glue won't dry out.

Step #3. Firm Pressure is Necessary

Once the corner protector is attached to the surface, do not let go and keep pressing on the guard firmly. If possible, use both hands and put them on each side with considerable force.

Step #4. Wait 6 hours Before Testing

Hold off on your excitement to test the corner guard and wait at least 6 hours before testing it. You can install the guard just before sleeping so you can immediately test it out in the morning.

Step #5. How do you remove corner guards

You can remove the guard smoothly by using a horizontal pulling force and not from other directions. Pulling it up is less efficient than doing it from the side.

Step #6. Clean Up With Warm Water and Dishcloth

To remove adhesive residue, just use warm water on the surface to loosen it, then wipe it away using a clean dishcloth. Rinse and repeat until all traces are gone.

Step #7. Don't Touch the Adhesive

While removing the corner protector from the package make sure that you do not touch the adhesive. Also, don't place it on top of surfaces so it won't catch dust and dirt.

Step #7. For Your Eyes Only

Lastly, don't install the corner guard when your kids or baby are watching. They will grow curious and will want to remove it or copy your actions.