June 2nd, 2020

Introduction to Corner Protectors

You probably don't notice this, but your home is full of sharp edges that are accidents waiting to happen.

Your glass dining table, bed corners, work desk and chairs may have these potentially dangerous corners where your children can hurt themselves if they run or bump into it. A good solution is to install a corner protector to prevent these mishaps from taking place.

It could be your first time to hear the words 'corner protector' and wonder what it's all about. How can it help protect you and your family members from sharp edges in furniture?

What is a Corner Guard?

Corner guards are also known as corner protectors and may be installed on coffee tables, TV cabinets, beds, tables, and similar angular furniture. Their single function is to make the edges 'softer' so your young ones will be safe when they happen to bump into them.

Primarily, corner protectors are used as baby safety equipment and can be found in most baby stores. Different brands can mean different shapes and materials, e.g., PVC or polyvinyl chloride, nitrile butadiene, and thermoplastic vulcanized rubber.

CalMyotis has two types of corner protectors- an L Type Corner Protectorand a Round Corner Protector. All products are made from high-quality PVC, which is softer and more flexible and thus lowers the risk of injury.